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Finally Fallen What s the use of being a rock legend if you have no one to share the fame and fortune with Not that Dusty Davis is looking He s content taking care of himself, his bandmates, and his rambunctious younger brothersAnd while the rest of The Dark Angels are happily paired with men, Dusty can t be gay A night in a club brings him face to face with the woman of his dreams J is articulate, well read, witty, and smart How could Dusty not finally fall J didn t mean to deceive Dusty he introduced himself as Justin, after all He didn t realize the drummer heard, Justine and missed the other cues Dusty s declarations of love sounded too good to be true After all, who could possibly want someone as broken as Justin But the heart wants what the heart wants, and love knows no gender

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    3.5 StarsI m enjoying this series, though it s maybe not one of my favorites It s a little too insta love for me to really win me over But I did really like Dusty and Justin in this story Weird for me to say, but they got a little too over the top sappy sweet f

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    This is my favorite book in the series so far I really loved the Dusty and Justin together and appreciated how slowly their sexual relationship built between them I also appreciated the intense love and respect they had for one another throughout the book.Anothe

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    REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCE4.75 StarsDusty is the only Dark Angel left to find true love but boy it s a difficult task He is the least comfortable member of the band when it comes to talking about feelings, sex and relationships He is not attracted to gender

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    This is my hands down Dark Angels favorite Z Allora is definitely an auto buy for me Dusty was a bit dumb in the beginning but when he decided he was going to pursue Justin he went all out Justin, a gang rape victim when he was in his early teens understandably ha

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    Again, kind of a let down I do love Dusty, he s been a doll throughout the series There was quite a bit of repetition, but I liked both MCs.

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    Dusty and Justin are FABULOUS Throughout this book you really get to see another side to Dusty Davis He s always been the joker, teaser and playful member of the band, not to say the others aren t that way as well But Dusty has always been the one that everyone went

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    I really like the characters in this series, probably because the Heaven Sent series was my first foray into M M and these characters are virtual clones of the HS boys But, now that I ve got a few years of M M under my belt, I don t tolerate all the giggling, cuddlin

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    Dusty was an asshole in the beginning but he redeemed himself throughout the story His patience and care towards Justin was beautiful Dusty is well rid of his psycho sanctimonious mother and gets custody of both his brothers Loved the new characters introduced especia

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    Dusty Book was Awesome Him and Justin were so sweet and understanding with each other Catching up with the other guys in the band was great as well Truly hope Dusty brothers have their own story It a must

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    My favorite of the series so far.

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