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Feminist Research in Theory and Practice extremely welcome addition to the field of feminist research British Journal of Educational Studies This is a clear and accessible exploration of feminist method, methodology and epistemology After situating herself and her work, Gayle Letherby charts the debates concerned with the epistemological, political and practical issues involved in doing feminist research, and places the debates within a wider consideration of the status of knowledge The main focus of the book is then the particular and practical issues for feminist researchers It examines how the process of research affects the results of that research and explores the relation between politics and practice in terms of research and knowledge production Throughout the book there is a practical emphasis on specific examples of feminist research in action and, as well as summarizing current theoretical debates, Gayle Letherby adds to them Feminist Research in Theory and Practice is designed and written as a textbook for students at advanced undergraduate and postgraduate level but will be a valuable resource for any researcher or individual interested in women s studies, feminism and in researching in the social sciences

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