Fact or Fiction? 20 Urban Legends, Ghost Stories, Rumors

Fact or Fiction? 20 Urban Legends, Ghost Stories, Rumors & Secrets of Walt Disney World Walt Disney World is a legendary vacation destination, and it s also a fertile ground for urban legends Almost everyone has heard the tale of Walt Disney s frozen head or his cryogenically preserved body or the story of the secret tunnels below the Magic Kingdom Those are just two of the rumors that swirl around this Disney resort Other stories involve ghosts in Pirates of the Caribbean, human ashes in the Haunted Mansion, emu legs being passed off as turkey, monorail expansions, abandoned island attractions, flashers on Splash Mountain, a pop apart Cinderella Castle, and the fate of the long defunct Plaza Swan Boats that used to ferry passengers in the Magic KingdomAre these stories true or false Find out in Fact or FictionUrban Legends, Ghost Stories, Rumors Secrets of Walt Disney World This book examinesof the most common Disney rumors, as well as some related myths, and gives the truth behind the tale It s packed with informative supporting links if you want to confirm the information and learn even Disney World facts and trivia Fact or FictionUrban Legends, Ghost Stories, Rumors Secrets of Walt Disney World was written by Orlando theme park expert Barb Nefer Barb writes about the Disney theme parks and other Central Florida attractions for several websites and print publications, including Examiner She s created two guide book series, Theme Park in Your Pocket and Building Blocks for a Great Disney Vacation, that cover Disney World, Disney Cruise Line, SeaWorld Orlando, Legoland Florida, and other popular parks Her ebooks include Building Blocks for a Great Disney Vacation SeriesTips for Saving Money on Your Disney Cruise Line Vacation Tips for Visiting Disney World With Babies, Toddlers, and Young Kids Disney Cruise Line Tips for AdultsWays to Tell if Disney Ships Are Right For You Money Saving Tips for Your Walt Disney World VacationTheme Park in Your Pocket Series Complete eBook Guide to Legoland FloridaComplete eBook Guide to SeaWorld OrlandoHow to See Walt Disney World Like a LocalLegoland for AdultsTips to Enjoy Your TripFive Steps to Your Own Internet Travel AgencyMickey Mouse is My Neighbor Living Next Door to Disney World in Celebration Florida I love all things Disney, so this book was a no brainer for me to pick up I read it in about 30 minutes, but that s because it was so interesting The urban legends, stories and rumors that the author talks about were for the most part ones that I hadn t ever heard of or read about and I ve read quite a few books on Disney If you re a Disney lover like me, I highly recommend this book Some amusing anecdotes, but nothing especially scandalous or juicy A quick read on one of my favorite topics, Disney There were some topics that I already knew about, and others that I didn t Great quick read, and it made me want to go back, which, doesn t take much, but still

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