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The humour and writing is a little crude, as is the art, but that s arguably the nature of this scrappy 90s project to define the past and present genres of manga and then tongue in cheek emulate them There s adult art humour so not for the kids. Mesmo n o sabendo muito ingl s acabei dando muita risada com as piadas e com o tra o I wasn t quite prepared for how raunchy parts of this book are I should ve known better, I know P This viz graphic novel is the English language translation of the notorious best selling series that blew the rocked the comic book industry in Japan Now you too can learn the secrets This mock instructional guide is really a hilarious parody in graphic novel form of how to draw manga books, Now even a completely untalented, artistically challenged novice can learn how to properly use a pen, create characters, license ancillary rights for anime and toy manufacturing, and become rich, famous, and sexually potent beyond their wildest dreams Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga, Vol. 1

About the Author: Koji Aihara

Koji Aihara Aihara K ji, born 1963 in Hokkaido, Japan is a manga artist He grew up reading the works of Osamu Tezuka.Aihara made his debut with Hachigatsu no Nureta Pantsu in 1983, which ran in Weekly Manga Action Magazine He is one of the authors of Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga, a satiric look at the manga industry Aihara s other best known works include Bunka Jinrui Gag, Koujien, Mujina and Manka Manka has been described as being similar to tanka in that it shows the breadth of human emotion within the short space of a yonkoma He has also drawn a yonkoma parody of a Japanese dictionary His work has been described as breaking new ground for themes in comedic manga, and as showing meticulous detail He also designed the characters for the RPG video games Maka Maka and Idea no Hi scenario and character design draft.

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