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Eight Metaphysical Poets This series presents complete poems and generous excerpts from longer works Each book includes a biographical and critical introduction, a commentary and notes on the poems This book contains poems by Donne, Herbert, Carew, Crashaw, Vaughan, King, Marvell and Cowley

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    Donne, Herbert and Marvell are worth reading.

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    10 years later, turns out I still adore Marvell s To his Coy Mistress, and reading your teenage pencilled annotations can be quite entertaining A choice Mr Johnson, English A2.

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    This book was interesting and for research purposes I wanted to look at different types of poetry and how it was written long before I was born My thought process,was I wanted to know what other poets from a different time, wrote what they wrote and why This book focuses on the 17th Century and on 8 Poets, who were given the title o

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    This was one of the set books for my A level English, way back in the 80 s I m not sure enjoyed is the word I would use to describe this book, but there are lines of poetry from here that come to mind from time to time and bring a smile to my face.I kept my copy after A levels, and still have it Every now and again I dip into it and now,

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    Full of interesting, unusual poems and references.

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