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Eat, Drink, Run The New Hilarious And Inspirational Memoir From Sunday Timesno1 Bestselling Author Bryony Gordon Bryony Gordon Was Not A Runner A Loafer, A Dawdler, A Drinker, A Smoker, Yes A Runner, No Yet Somehow, As She Began To Recover From The Emotional Rollercoaster Of Laying Her Life Bare In Her Mental Health Memoir MAD GIRL, She Started To Realise That Getting Outside, Moving Her Body And Talking To Others For Whom Life Was Also An Occasional Challenge, Might Actually Help Her Going For A Run Might Not Banish Her Sadness But At Least It Might Show It That She Was Damn Well Trying To Beat It, Which Is Sometimes Half The Battle As She Began To Run Further She Started To See The Limitations She Had Imposed On Her Life Clearly Why Couldn T She Be A Runner Or A Bungee Jumper Or A Deep Sea Diver Maybe Rather Than Sitting On The Sofa Watching The World Go By, Fulfilling Your Dreams Was Just About Standing Up And Taking That First Step Maybe You Can Do It Too.In April 2017, Less Than A Year After She Had Weighed Herself At Over 16 Stone But Stepped Off The Scales And Started Training Anyway, Bryony Gordon Ran All 26 And 3 4 Miles Of The London Marathon Here, In Her New Typically Funny And Hugely Inspiring Memoir, She Shows Us How Extraordinary Things Can Happen To Us All, No Matter What Life Throws At Us, If We Re Just Willing To Keep Going. An easy book but above all funny, inspiring, emotional in the end, relatable at least to me cause it is a genuine story, relevant to current age problems, important message and sort of a help book It helped me realise that so many people struggle with mental health issues and it is no 1 in 4 people will suffer some form of mental illness during their lifetime That s a lot of people It could be your neighbour, your best friend, maybe even you It s an illness that doesn t discriminate, and can affect anyone at anytime I should know In 2016 I had a breakdown from being overworked, and the stress and anxiety just became too much for me I got better, but even to this day I suffer with anxiety problems and those awful black cloud days There s a stigma around mental health that makes it almost a taboo subject No one talks about it openly, but with so many of us suffering day in, day out, it s so important to show that we re not alone We re all part of a special mental health club Eat, Drink, Run is a sequel of sorts to Bryony s first novel Mad Girl, which went into detail about her mental health struggles This is a memoir of her time after this, with the continuing struggles with her mental health, her weight, and the benefits that running brought to finally silence her black cloud , affectionately known as Jareth She talks candidly about her battles, alcohol fuelled nights out and meeting Price Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to discuss their work with the Heads Together mental health campaign Although she doesn t see herself as such, I do think that Bryony is a mental health campaigner and advocate I admired her honest and frank discussions a Great new year read Another writer bringing to the fore her personal struggles with mental health but with positivity and lots of humour It s funny, brutally honest and inspiring. Hold my bookmark I m going for a run

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