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Dragoncharm On craggy slopes above the cliffs, nests of untidy timber house the Natural dragons with no fire or magic Nearby live the Charmed dragons, whose magic guards the fortress But no magic is strong enough to resist the onset of a new era as the world changes

About the Author: Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards is the critically acclaimed author of multiple novels, and short fiction, including String City and the British Fantasy Award shortlisted Ultimate Dragon Saga, plus the Nebula Award longlisted Girl in Pieces , part of his String City Mysteries series.Graham has worked as a graphic designer and animator, scriptwriter and multimedia producer for theme parks and visitor centres, and is currently senior staff writer at Cinefex magazine, the journal of cinematic illusions, where he researches and writes in depth articles about motion picture visual effects He lives in Nottingham.

10 thoughts on “Dragoncharm

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    This is my all time favorite book This is the kind of book that you either love or hate I can t explain it exactly, but there s a ageless feeling I get whenever I read it.

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    my all time favourite book Loved it, could read it over and over again.

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    A very interesting and atypical fantasy book told from the perspectives of a dragon society Very imaginative storytelling that is well told enough that you can relate to the dragon protagonist.

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    Title Dragoncharm, Special EditionAuthor Graham EdwardsEbook 484 pagesPublisher Graham Edwards June 12, 2016 Language EnglishKindle 3.99Writing about non human creatures is a problem for speculative fiction.On the one hand, anything truly alien, truly foreign to human experience

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    Very original book, however it was so up and down for me At times I was so involved with the characters that I couldn t put it down and at other times it was boring, slow moving and I was uninterested Maybe that saysabout me then the book, so dont take this to heart The world building

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    Ooooohhhh boy Trying to be a bit Eye of the World but with dragons and a lot of things happening Also new twists being introduced and then immediately used view spoiler basilisk Seed End of the world Magical dead parents Check hide spoiler Stuff just kept happening andcharacters kept getting

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    Best dragon fantasy novel of all time

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    This was a beautiful high fantasy novel I had trouble getting into it at first, but I am glad I made the effort to finish it The dragons were very lovable Cumber and Scoff in particular , and the younger dragons, especially the protagonist, showed great growth of character in their adventure I m truly look

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    I loved the story idea and was drawn in rather quickly However, as the story dragged on, andanddragon characters were introduced, I found that it was difficult to keep up with the direction the tale was going I wound up jumping ahead and scanning pages just to get to the end and see how it wrapped up.

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    I love the way tension is controlled in this novel and the way the final scenes play out I find the descriptions of character emotions a little cliche, but it didn t matter because the plot was so enjoyable.

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