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Decision Most Deadly This book is no longer availableInI self published Decision Most Deadly to develop my writing style and learn about the publishing and marketing aspects of being an author This journey was essential to developing as a writer and author For the periodto , I wrote and re wrote, edited, digested feedback, consulted experts, editors, book clubs, began a new book, did further research into the period, despite having being interested in it since the age of , got married and had children My life lessons played a huge part in helping shape up the way I presented my story on paper Inmy hard work came together in a second book, Allegiance of Blood, which I published Allegiance of Blood is the product of every single step I have taken on this journey of discovery It has been received well and I am pleased to share some reviews Tony Fox Education Officer, The Battlefields Trust For almost four decades I have read historical fiction, with a preponderance towards military series Without doubt this must to be the most pleasurable one I have read Mark allows the characters own actions and demeanours to characterise them The heart of the novel is in the characters, the narrative is very personal, the action is tightly focussed upon the individuals with the significant battles and sieges being the backdrop It is this aspect that I found exceptional I did not find an action or word of speech that jarred me from the credible belief that these characters were from the th Century Francis is portrayed as an ordinary man, in extraordinary times, he is no superhero he is fallible, sometimes fearful and sometime brave, a complex and credible character I ll repeat that this is much than an historical fiction novel, it is an immersive experience, as Mark has created a high quality blend of representation and fictional stories, this is an exceptional piece of workmanship Even without its Historical aspect Allegiance of Blood would be an outstanding novel It is enriched immensely by the detailed and credible historical background Mark provides, the combination has resulted in what I consider a masterpiece of Historical fiction I believe this novel sets the standard of balance between history and fiction at a very high level, it can be used as a template Some of the prose is simply beautiful, making one pause in admiration The complexity and accomplished construction of multiple story lines has created a narrative that ensnares the reader in a turbulent th Century world, a world in which very little is certain, except uncertainty The link to the full review is

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    The story follows Sir Charles Berkeley as England is quickly heading towards Civil War Sir Charles must make a tough choice, King or Parliament He is being pulled each way as he is threatened and forced to participate in secret plots But eventually he makes the decision for himself.I loved the rivalry between Sir Charles and his enemy Sir Arthur Cotton, who kept sh

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    I absolutely loved this book Mark Turnbull really brings 17th century England to life I must admit the begining was a little slow, but I think thats because I had a hard time wrapping my mind around 17th century politics, but once I did the book was hard to put down Its really easy to get caught up in the lives of these ppl If you enjoy history at all you will love

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    I so wanted to like this book as it s set in an underused period in English history I ve found few novels set during the Civil War despite it being a turbulent and exciting time The book was so slow and uninteresting and I couldn t bring myself to readthan 100 pages.

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