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Leonie Saint Andre, the granddaughter of an old Creole gentleman, thinks Morgan Slade is a scoundrelMorgan, the son of a wealthy Natchez plantation family, thinks Leonie is a clever liarLeonie claims Morgan married her, and fathered her five year old son All she wants is her dowry returned to pay her dead grandfather s gambling debts and save their homeMorgan knows that he accepted neither dowry, nor Leonie s hand in marriage But the woman before him awakens emotions he never thought he d feel againBut that doesn t give reason for the imposter who signed his name to the marriage papers Leonie holds or why her son bears such a striking resemblance to Morgan himselfARDS Romantic Times Reviewer s Choice Affaire de Coeur s Silver and Bronze PenREVIEWS One of the best romance writers of our time Affaire de CoeurTHE LOUISIANA LADIES, in series orderDeceive Not My HeartMidnight MasqueradeLove Be MineMEET SHIRLEE BUSBEENew York Times bestselling author Shirlee Busbee is celebratingyears of marriage to her husband Howard, and looking forward to anotherTogether, they live in Mendocino County, California, with three Miniature Schnauzers Shirlee wants a fourth but Howard thinks two is enough ah, drama ahead and a herd of American Shetland Ponies Deceive Not My Heart

About the Author: Shirlee Busbee

Shirlee Elaine was born 9 August 1941 in San Jose, California, USA She was the first daughter of a career naval officer, later she had two sisters and three brothers, they raised traveling the world She went to the institute in Kentri, Morocco, after which she returned to California and she went to Burbank Bussines College of Santa Rosa, where she received a certificate in 1962.Shirlee married with Howard Busbee in June 22, 1963 Now, they live in hills of California, where they raise for pleasure Standard Schnauzers, Standardbred horses, and other many animals.She has worked as a receptionist for the Marin County Title and Abstract Co., as plant supervisor for Fairfield Title Co., and as secretary and drafting technician for the County Parks Department of Fairfield, California, where she met her life long friend and mentor Rosemary Rogers Published since 1977, Shirlee Busbee is the proud author of over 18 novels, including seven New York Times bestsellers With over nine million copies of her books in print, she is the recipient of numerous awards for excellence in writing, including the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award and Affaire de Coeur s Silver and Bronze Pen Awards.You may write to Shirlee Busbee care of C O Warner Books, Inc., Time and Life Building, 1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020.

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    I have to first say I stumbled across Shirlee Busbee and have been devcouring her books as quickly as I can get my hands on them If I can remember correctly I read Gypsy Lady first, Catherine and Jason Savages story my my what a story Deceive Not My Heart starts out with Leonie a young girl trying to hold the estate together with her grandfathers addiction to gamb

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    To clarify, this isa 4.5 book than a 4 book, but not quite a 5 due to the abrupt ending Every romance reader knows what I mean by thatthe wrap up of the hero and heroine cementing their love story and, in particular, a VERY central mystery detail of the entire plotline was virtually solved at the closing line of the book ARRG I definitely wanted MORE of a reaction fr

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    The story opens in the summer of 1799 Set in Louisiana on the plantation, Chateau Saint Andre, a deteriorating graceful lady.Her bare foot mistress, 16 year old Leonie Saint Andre, has taken sole responsibility to care for the Chateau and what is left of the land and her people The obstacle in her way, whom she butts heads with is her grandfather, Claude Saint Andre.Cla

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    1 Half naked man and woman locked in steamy embrace on cover check2 Standard formula cheesy book title check3 Bodice ripping scene check4 A man who thinks with his crotch check5 Poor beautiful woman child who for some strange reason feels strange attraction and pleasurable tingling while being raped CheckThis book angered me in many ways Our hero was depicted as a man unab

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    A Case of Mistaken Identity and an Intriguing Love Story from old LouisianaOriginally published in 1984 and updated for the eBook version, this is a classic romance a bodice ripper from a great historical romance author.Set in New Orleans and environs beginning in 1799, this is the story of 16 year old Leonie Saint Andre, whose only living parent is a gambling grandfather who

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    I GIVE THIS BOOK 100 STARS Or maybe 1000,or maybe million That proves,how much i come to love this historical romance,and to become one of my favourites.GOSH HOW I LOVE THIS BOOK.This is my first book by Shrilee Busbee,and certainly not the last.The story was written beautiful like,like the books Lisa Kleypas or Judith ,McNaught write.And i love every word of it.The Heroine Leoi

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    This book has a plot and a polish to it that is so exceptional, it almost feels like sacriledge to label it a romance novel The description on the back does not do the story justice Morgan and Leonie will blow you away.

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    Marking to ponder since Morgan was a character in The Tiger Lily Marking to ponder since Morgan was a character in The Tiger Lily

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    Another oldie but goodie from Shirlee Busbee I read this book years ago Definitely need to do a re read some time soon There is forced seduction in this book which fit the times I love the ending when all is revealed but I wanted a little bitof that scene The reader has to wait until almost the very last page for the big secret to get revealed A little frustrating but overall doesn t tak

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    It used to be one of my favorites but now it s just meh The sex scenes seem to just go on and on I m now bothered by the fact the Leonie is raped or doesn t want to have sex with Morgan the first few times they do have sex Although he seduces her and she enjoys it, she does tell him no but he ignores her.

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