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De vrouw in de blauwe mantel Kaapstad, Zuid Afrika Rechercheurs Bennie Griessel en Vaughn Cupido werken bij de afdeling Ernstige Delicten, ook wel de Valken genoemd, van de politie van Kaapstad Ze krijgen een zaak toebedeeld die niemand anders wil en die aluur oud is Antiek, voor een moordonderzoekIemand heeft het lichaam van een vrouw bewerkt met bleekwater en daarna over een muur gedrapeerd, boven aan Sir Lowry s Pass De zaak van het Gebleekte Lijk biedt slechts twee minieme aanknopingspunten, maar Griessel en Cupido zijn niet anders gewendDe vrouw in de blauwe mantel is het geschenkboek voor de Spannende Boekenweken in Nederland, die gehouden worden vant mjuni

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    An enjoyable novella, quick and easy to read A woman s naked body has been found beside a roadway in South Africa, killed by a quick blow to the back of the head and covered in bleach to hide DNA evidence Local cops Benny Griessel and Vaughn Cupido are on the case, which leads them to a Professor of History, a dodgy PI and an out of the way farm.Who is the woman What brought about

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    This is a short novella by Deon Meyer in his marvellous Captain Benny Griessel series set in Cape Town, South Africa Benny is a Hawk, a detective working in the Directorate of Priority Crimes Investigations under Mbali Kaleni, the head of his unit His personal life is currently in a good place, his relationship with Alexa, the well known singer, makes him happy, and he wants to marry he

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    This is a great series which I follow religiously, reading each one as it comes out The Woman in the Blue Cloak is a reasonably long novella and another great story about Captain Benny Griessel.Benny is in a really good place now having managed to give up alcohol He is working in the top crime branch in Cape Town, has a good partner at work and is about to propose to his girl friend Some time

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    The oppressive heat of the day combined with swirls of constant dust against the windshield makes the tour bus driver squirm with frustration behind the wheel He only wants to return safely with his cargo of thirteen shifting women to the end of their destination But a scream erupts at the back of the bus There from the bus window, in plain view, is the body of a dead woman perched, as if displayed

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    Thanks to Netgalley and Grove Atlantic for a digital galley in exchange for an honest review I had no idea that this novella was part of a a series, but it played out like a stand alone with enough illusions to main character, Captain Benny Griessel to keep me interested I also found the South African setting a nice break from the number of UK and US police procedurals that I read When a woman s bleached

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    This is the 6th of the brilliant Benny Griessel series I have read in 2020 The book is a short one, only 160 pages and I only wish it had been longer The previous books present a searing and fearless portrait of social, business and political strife post apartheid Benny and his partner, Vaughn Cupido have worked in solving cases involving crime and corruption They are members of the Hawks, also known as the di

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    This is fully a 3.5 star for my read, but I will not round it up because the first 30 to 40 pages were confusing, and IMHO just frustrating as a reader to decipher That it is part of a series is only part of the problem in this type of introduction to the context of the case But if I had read others of this series before, I may have been less distracted by numerous factors of new characters exchanges and the general

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    Synopsis blurb..The Woman in the Blue Cloak is a brilliant novella which will thrill and entertain fans of Deon Meyer s much loved detective Benny Griessel.Benny Griessel is a cop on a mission he plans to ask Alexa Bernard to marry him That means he needs to buy an engagement ring and that means he needs a loan.So Benny has a lot on his mind when he is called to a top priority murder case A woman s body is discovered, nak

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    English below Dit is niet mijn soort boek Ik erger mij enorm aan de met Engels doorspekte dialogen Aan de andere kant is het misschien dat zo in Zuid Afrika wordt gesproken, maar dat weet ik niet Er zit geen spanning in het verhaal en de plot voelt wat gekunsteld en voorspelbaar Het boekje is maar 90 bladzijden, en toch zitten er 3 verhaallijnen in Ik denk dat dat teveel is om het hoofdverhaal beter uit te kunnen werken Het bel

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    A naked woman is found alongside a highway outside of Cape Town, with her body having been washed in bleach to destroy DNA evidence Benny Griessel of the prestigious Hawks investigative unit is asked to assist The dead woman turns out to be Alicia Lewis, an art expert, who is trying to find a rare painting by Carel Fabritius, Rembrandt s finest student, not seen since it disappeared from Delft in 1654 Benny and his partner find the t

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