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Dangerous Rush (Furious Rush, #2) Feeling The Rush Comes With A PriceMackenzie Cox Has Lost Everything Except Hayden Hayes With Kenzie S Racing Career Over, And Her Family No Longer Speaking To Her, Hayden Has Been Her Rock, As She Tries To Pick Up The Pieces Of What Was Once Her Life.But When Hayden S Racing Team Hires His Beautiful Ex Girlfriend, Felicia, To Be Their New Hotshot Rider, Kenzie And Hayden S Seemingly Solid Relationship Begins To Crack Kenzie Can Only Watch From The Sidelines, As Felicia Lives The Life She Was Forced To Leave Behind, And As Tension Begins To Build Between Hayden And Kenzie, She Wonders If Hayden Isn T The Man She Once Knew.

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    4.5 You re My World Stars Mackenzie Cox is a professional motorcycle racer living in Oceanside, California Racing had always been her dream, she didn t have a Plan B, so she didn t know what to do when everything she loved was abruptly stripped away Cox racing closed her father gave her an ultimatum, and made her choose between her boyfriend and competing Kenzie ...

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    First, I rarely leave reviews this long Probably because I think most get bored after awhile but I have some things to sayA HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT I don t believe I m about to reveal anything because nothing surprising really happens but just in case I say something while I m venting Spoilers May Occur Maybe it was the excitement I was feeling for this books arrival that made me give it 5 stars right after finishing But I m changing my star score from 5 to 2 Which is ver

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    Dangerous Rush vibrates with all consuming emotions, layered with conflicting thoughts and actions The intensity of the story takes you from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye Passion, drama, and heartbreak pour from the pages, completely enrapturing the reader with every word written.The forbidden romance th...

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    While I m already a huge fan of SC Stephens, what made me most excited for this book was the fact that I absolutely LOVED Furious Rush, the first book in this series After the cliffhanger in the last book, I have been dying to pick up this sequel Kenzie s life has always revolved around racing Until it didn t Kenzie has lost everything except for Hayden Hayes, the love of her life Kenzie thought, without a doubt, that Hayden was worththan her racing career, but as Hayden has been

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    Riding a race bike is an art a thing that you do because you feel something inside Valentino RossiIf you ve ever been to a NASCAR, Formula One, motocross, or other race, you know that racing is a sensory driven sport where you feel a buzz in the air If you race a car or motorcycle on the track or road, you feel that power gush behind the wheel Like action packed racing, books can give that rush Dangerous Rush by SC Steph...

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    OMG just finished Dangerous Rush by S.C Stephens THE FEELS The entire book is fucking angst My heart couldn t stop pounding I wanted to throw my fucking kindle and I felt at times I was dying inside I started this book last night but had to put it down at midnight because I had to work in the am And yeah went to work for the morning and I needed to read so...

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    Not safe, H thinking of ex girlfriend breast, and body while actually having sex with his current girlfriend, and silently calling ex s name when H climax in side his head Wow That s some loveHe loves his girlfriend but thinking of ex, that s not acceptable, They exchange I loves

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    This review was originally posted on Cocktails and BooksDANGEROUS RUSH picks up several weeks after FURIOUS RUSH Mackenzie and Hayden are trying to pick up the pieces of Cox Racing closing its doors and Hayden s racing team hiring his ex girlfriend Things have never been easy for this couple and DANGEROUS RUSH definitely puts them to the test.I had been looking forward to this book because I wanted to kn...

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    This book should have been called Furious Rush, cause that s exactly how Hayden made me feel FURIOUS Maybe that s a bit harsh, but damn the man, WTAF was he thinking Clearly he wasn t So I basically consumed this book I was too anxious to put it down and only did after I saw things turn a bit But then I was up at 4am reading it again.it made me angsty and angry and so sad and disappointed Hayden hides the truth from Kenzie lies by omission and outright lies and then he well does some This book should have bee

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