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Daily Life in Ancient Rome This book, now available in paperback, concerns the everyday private and public lives of the citizens of ancient Rome Drawing on a broad selection of contemporary sources, the author examines the institutions, actions and rituals of day to day life

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    The Roman citizen consisted of a name and a bodyQuestion What did the Romans do in their leisure time Answer Firstly, it is probably useful to understand how Romans viewed each year The year was divided into two sections, with March to September being known as military season p 199 , and September, November, and December set aside for social life p 203 , which was largely fi

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    Thorough, erudite, enlightening and readable this is a step by step guide to life in ancient Rome the end of Claudius reign and the start of Nero s and is filled with so much detail it should be considered a work of reference My favourite chapters and nuggets were those on house building and public toilets but there s something for everyone with an interest in the period here.

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    This was a pretty great book about Rome Was good to have an academic approach to this culture Far better understanding of now of the influences and transformations that make Italian culture distinctive Totally recommend Very interesting sections on slavery, gender and .

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    We all know about the Roman Empire But the Republic not only sets a better example of nobility and community, but has human figures with stories equally as compelling as during the empire From Cincinnatus who in 457 BC accepted the Senate s pleas to take on dictatorship in a time of peril, then relinquished it 16 days later when the danger was past, to Cicero, one of the greates

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    This book has the feel of much conjecture generated from limited sources, with some of it seeming to contradict itself Some interesting ideas to think about, but I don t completely hold the descriptions as indicative of Roman thought and customs.

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    Most histories of the Roman Republic cover wars and conquests, roads and architecture This one tells us about how the people of Rome in the centuries prior to the Empire lived It may suffer a bit from translation, but it s interesting Their culture was much different from ours In some ways, it seems oppressive, barbaric, but in others surprisingly civilized.

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    Having read a number of the reviews of this book on Goodreads, I started reading it with some trepidation What kind of work could elicit such a range of responses I think I may have identified one reason for this, which I will discuss further below However, as a starting point, I should state that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and found it to be interesting, challenging an

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    Great details about everyday life in Rome, but not always the most engaging narrative.

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    We used this book in an undergraduate course on Roman Civilization Through Literature It contains excerpts from various literary sources that give a window on daily life I found that approach to be very effective, especially with the quality translations into contemporary English that make it easy to imagine someone today writing very similar passages about modern life.

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    A truly enjoyable book It is not focused on events and dates, but on anecdotes and stories that illustrate the daily life of Romans It almost reads like a novel I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about Roman customs and traditions particularly during the period of the Roman Republic.

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