Confessions of a Tarot Reader: Practical Advice From This

Confessions of a Tarot Reader: Practical Advice From This Realm and Beyond Lessons learned from the cards, and the incomparable Jane Stern

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    Jane Stern has jumped the shark I really hate to do this because I thoroughly enjoyed the Encyclopedia of Pop Culture and the Encyclopedia of Bad Taste but I cannot givethan one star for this steaming pile of woo derp.The one major flaw in this book is that it s based on the common but now discredited notion that the Tarot has always been used for occult or for divinatory purposes Contrary to what mystery mongers like Stern would have u

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    Okafter viewing the reviews and criticisms of the historical, social, and occult roles of the Tarot, I need to rectify the record Before basing a final opinion what is and is not the cultural role use of the Tarot, one should provide arobust, scholarly list of sources, rather than a single source Secondly, one should provide a legitimate analysis of the various understandings of the historical and cultural uses of the Tarot In terms of the

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    A fascinating sort of memoir manual about Jane Stern s previously unknown life as a tarot card reader, she is a fourth generation tarot card reader, though she s most known as a food writer with Michael Stern and is often heard on NPR s Splendid Tabel talking about road food In this book she explains each of the cards, and their symbolic meanings, as well as their influence in her readings with clients Sometimes sad or tragic, but mostly funny,

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    As a Newbie , I have tried to use my Tarot cards togive me knowledge of the present and future and its accompanying problems I can now tell I was a bit offin my own interpretations compared to Ms Stern s Perhaps I have tried to put too much of a personal spin on each card I overturned The author gives the readermuchthan just practical advise she gives youinsight into the psychic world and how it applies toyou as well as a treasure trove of client s

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    On the positive side because I don t want to be totally negative, I did like the fact that she chose this newer atmospheric deck to illustrate the pages instead of the typical Rider Waite cards The book is reallyabout human drama than about the Tarot and it s good for that reason but I wish it was a better tarot book.I ve seen a thread about it on Aeclectic Tarot forum and to tell the truth I don t think a lot of Tarot people will embrace it too much F

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    Based on inaccurate history which is kind of bad for a nonfiction book But it presents the false information comprehensibly, and the illustrations are nice, so I won t be chucking it out the window.I received this book as a Goodreads giveaway.

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    Provides a decent perspective on most of the cards Some of the linkages are poorly developed Her privileged life colors her opinions of things she has the typical things in my childhood were so much simpler and better, ignoring that many outside her social circle would have been suffering then, as well She also has a bizarre opinion that everything of the occult is dangerous and evil, a view many hold of Tarot itself Be prepared to disagree with many of her progno

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    For those of you who know me, you are probably thinking What the Heck This book got five stars It s about Tarot Card Reading And, yes, that is exactly what it is about but I loved it Let me elaborateThis author did a very good job at teaching me of her conviction of tarot card reading through telling a story of each card She took cards 1 22 of a typical deck of 78 tarot cards, and told a story about each one and what they represent Not only what they represent, but ho

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    Based on the title I expected this book to be full of stories of a tarot card reader and her readings and clients When I started reading this book it became apparent that the author wanted to teach about the deck, but I was still expecting a good amount of anecdotes Unfortunately this is really just a how to book with very little emphasis on her past experiences In my opinion this book really falls short of what it could have been and will only be of interest to a limited

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