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Cody (Book One) Cody had it good His life was going along just fine His pack was doing well and everyone was contentedOne town festival and one turkey brought trouble into his life in the form of a human female that turned his life upside down and made him act irrationally From the moment they met he could exactly say she brought a breath of fresh air into his life The woman was frustrating in so many ways that he couldn t even count, but damn he wanted herLydia wasn t exactly clued up on all things supernatural She d written off any kind of excitement in the little town that her Uncle lived in and that she d run to, in the hope of giving her ex a chance to cool down, move on She wasn t exactly forthcoming about her past, she didn t think she needed to be But when trouble followed her into town it had dangerous consequences that she couldn t have foreseenAdult Content

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    Any book written by M.L Briers is a winner I love every book I ve read I would recommend everyone.

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    I was very, very disappointed in this book I had read all of these amazing reviews for this book and thought it was right up my alley However, to be honest, I disliked Cody His Mate Brothers, 1 , by M.L Briers a great deal She is the only author that I ve ever read that has made the main characters in the story mostly the women horribly

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    This was mind bogglingly terrible The author doesn t seem to know basic grammar, doesn t know how to structure a sentence, has no idea how to make things interesting or how to make characters even vaguely plausible I could go on and on She doesn t know where to put apostrophes either, misusing them almost EVERY SINGLE TIME How is that pos

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    Brilliant.I was kind of worried when M L said she was moving away from the His Mate series of titles that we wouldn t have the humour we expected and things might get darker, but this book was a scream from start to finish I choked my drink, I spluttered it over my Kindle Must learn to stop drinking when reading her books a laugh a minute.

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    This was a pretty fun book, the characters were interesting My only downer was that the stalker angle was not explored really at all She s hiding on the run from a stalker but we don t meet him until the end of the story and then he shows up, grabs her and dies at the hands of her mate I realize that this was a novella but the story could h

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    Cute readThis was a quick cute read The politics minimal and the characters are cookie cutter Thisa guilty pleasure than anything.

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    lots of sarcasm and humor

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