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Chrissy's No, Don't! Trilogy (Chrissy's No, Don't!, #1-3) Poor Chrissy All She Wants To Do Is Explore Her Sexuality While Righting The Injustices Of The World Unfortunately, Every Time She Tries To Do The Right Thing, She Gets Fucked In These Three Stories, Join Her As She Is Covered In Cum For The First, Second, And Third Times No, Teacher, Don T Deflower Me When Chrissy Discovers Something Odd About Her Biggest Academic Rival S Grades, She Goes To The School To Investigate While There, She Discovers Signs Of Cathy Using Her Body To Get A Grade She Doesn T Deserve Before She Can Gather The Evidence, However, She S Caught Will Mr Heskey Give Her The Same Treatment He Gave Cathy, Even Though Chrissy Is Still A Virgin ThisWord Story Contains A Naive Young Schoolgirl Getting What Every Girl Deserves During Their First Time Torn Panties, A Torn Hymen, And A Pussy Full Of Impregnating Cum No, Principal, Don T Fuck My Ass Chrissy Can Finally Give Her Evidence Of Cathy S Misdeeds To Principal Johnson, Only He Doesn T Act The Way She Thinks He Should When She Shares A Secret With Him, He Shows Her Just How Much Discipline One Principal Can Hand Out ThisWord Story Includes A Bad Principal, A Reluctant Student, Torn Panties, And Some First Time Anal Sex No, Professor, Don T Gangbang Us Chrissy Has Forgotten All About Cathy S Cheating And Is Ready To Start All Over Again On Her Friendship With Her After All, College Is The Place To Make Lifetime Friendships And Experiment With New Things Before They Go On A Date With Cathy S New Boyfriend, However, Cathy Reveals That She Has Proof That Could Get Professor Jankowski Fired For Blackmailing Them Into Sex Unfortunately For The Two Girls, When They Arrive At A Meeting With The Dean And Senior Professors, The Men Have Other PlansThisWord Story Includes Two Teenage Girls Stripping And Putting On A Show, Double Penetration, Snowballing, And Four Dripping, Impregnating Creampies

About the Author: Cassandra Zara

Cassandra Zara It s often said that reading erotica is mostly for women, but look closely guys The girls in my books act in ways that you will NEVER see a girl act in a porno.Cassandra Zara is a young woman in her 30s who has wanted to write the kind of fiction she d like to read for a long time It may sound clich , but she really does love long walks on the beach with her husband Her new baby

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