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Calling Her Bluff He wasn t the score she was looking forRomance author Kamaria Wilson came to Las Vegas with nothing to lose A one night stand with a delicious man is just the distraction she needs until one night with him doesn t feel like enough Panicked, she skips out on the morning after encore and hides out at the poker tablesAfter his hot one night stand goes MIA, security specialist Jack Aldirisi is sure he ll never see her again But when he s called in to the casino for an unexpected special assignment, Lady Luck smiles down on Jack For the rest of the weekend, he ll be by his missing woman s side She insists their powerful connection is nothing than sex He begs to differ And this time, he s calling her bluff

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    ACR copy in exchange for an honest review3.5 Vegas stars This book in a sentence A two hour ROM COM converted into an 85 page novellaThe plain old truth is my name is Kamaria Wilson.and I m a gambling addict. Authoress Kamaria Wil

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    3.5 Being Strong When It Matters Stars 1 2Addictions we all have themIt is just a matter of whether they become disruptive to your life For anyone who poo poos that idea, they need to only think of whether they could stop reading that

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    ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. BASICSLove triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler HEA view spoiler YES hide spoiler OW OM drama view spoiler There is no real OW OM drama Ther

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    ARC received for reviewSweet little romance with a little angst and hot bedroom times I almost put it down because they hooked up in the first chapter, and she went home with him and we don t get to know what happened It finished off good, but j

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    DNR Didn t like Kamaria.Also, even though it was a novella, it felt rushed and incomplete

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    I love a great It Happened in Vegas story and this one promised to be a fun read After all, with a romance writer who hit the big time as your main character, you know its going to be good.The story starts out with plenty of promise for a great book A smo

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    Calling her Bluff by Kaia Danielle will have you on the edge of your seat from the beginning to end Kamaria Wilson, New York Times Best Selling Author, came to Vegas to prove that she was strong and capable of being in sin city without giving in to her demons

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    I received this from Netgalley Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review This another addition to the what happens in Vegas novella series This book is about an author who has an gambling addiction but she decides to go to Las Vegas for a romance book c

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    Jack sure is sure of himself, you would ve what he muttered Not had the best orgasm of your life Save it, honey Jack can be the sweetest guy, I heard the door shut I thought you were in your room My bad Jack swallowed She watched his Adam s apple bob up and down But he

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    Cute addition to the series Kamaria has a major problem and is in the worst possible place to succumb Jack meets her and sparks fly After a one night stand, they run into eachother in a professional capacity What they started the night before has potential and they have enou

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