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Brides The much anticipated sequel to Graysen Morgen s bestselling novel, Bridesmaid of Honor Britton Prescott is dating the love of her life, Daphne Attwood, after a few tumultuous events that happened to unravel at her sister s wedding reception, seven months earlier She s happy with the way things are, but immense pressure from her family and friends to take the next step, nearly sends her back to the single life The idea of a long engagement and simple wedding are thrown out the window, as both families take over, rushing Britton and Daphne to the altar in a matter of weeks

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    This book achieves stupidity with such a blaze of glory that better novels stand aside in awe.Britton Prescott is still banging Daphne like sex is going out of style It s only been a couple of months since the huge puffy explosion that formed the two family weddings they were forced into apparently those families learned nothing from that experience, because they r

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    2.5 stars Despite it s longer length when compared to the first book there s not a lot of actual content in it The same things keep repeating over and over again so even though I do like these characters, I can t give it a higher rating.

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    3.75 stars I found this one to be a lot better than the first in the series, with the character arcs stronger and it was easier to believe in their relationship.

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    Nice continuation of the Bridal Series The supporting cast is decent Britton still needs to grow up a bit.

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    Adorable Oh my, it s getting better and better A marriage is not everyone s cup of tea Sharon is a woman you can t avoid She is the centrepiece of the Prescott family and meddles with everyone s life It s awesome to see how she interferes with the wedding preparations Everyone wants a piece of the cake and the pressure is very high A breakdown is inevitable This is the

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    I liked the first one better and that s why it took longer to finish this one I wasn t gripped , if you know what i mean I was also a little irritated by Britton s whining to be honest I ll still probably read the 3rd installment though.

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    Enjoyed itI really liked this book It followed the first one perfectly I highly recommend downloading it and the first one.

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    Great read Just finished the second book of this series and loved it, even if a little shorter Will get to the third story in a bit Can t wait

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    Adorable What an adorable I hope there will be a third book The characters were very sweet Very well done Good job

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