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Blindfolds Hidden secrets, infatuation, and a touch of the supernatural consume eighteen year old Ashley Stevens during her first semester in collegeWhen Ashley arrives late on the first day of her sociology class, she meets Natalie who she quickly develops a friendship with Early on in their friendship, Ashley discovers that there is something going on with Natalie, and becomes intrigued with her secretiveness But that is soon deflected once Ashley pursues a romantic interest with Jeremy whose attractive greenish gray eyes give her butterflies every time she sees himWill the burning flames of attraction make Ashley want to follow through in a relationship with Jeremy Or will it smolder as she begins to discover a few things about his past relationship

About the Author: Lisa Campbell

Lisa Campbell s Wicked trilogy is the only body of work written under this name She continues to write novels using a pseudonym.Ms Campbell graduated from the University of Akron with a Bachelor Arts degree in English She works part time as an educator in the inner city schools On the days when she is not working to inspire young minds, she likes to spend her spare time reading, plotting stories in her head, and trying out new recipes She lives in the Midwest with her husband and young son.

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    The review is also available on my blog, Bows Bullets ReviewsThis is, in my opinion a young adult fiction novel worth reading It is the story of Ashley Stevens first semester in college and her relationship with Natalie, a new found friend and Jeremy, a love interest It is set in modern times and told from the first person perspective.Blindfolds was a quick read that kept my attention What is Natalie hiding What will happen

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    This is a hard review to write Because on one hand, I did enjoy the book enough to finish it But on the other hand, it just ended It felt unfinished This novella is about Ashley whose starting college She ends up being friends with a beautiful girl named Natalie Natalie s friendship starts off as easy but then takes a turn on the mysterious side She seems like she s a bit off and Ashley can t put her finger on it In walks Jeremy, h

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    Blindfolds by Lisa Campbell came to me through a goodreads giveaway first reads contest It is a novella 166 pages long and a prequel to The Wicked As far as telling a complete story, I feel Blindfolds fell short of the mark The novella introduced characters, but I still felt a complete stranger to the main character in The Wicked if the sneak peak in the back of the novella is anything to go by There was a romance, but it was never fully

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    Having just completed my second year of college, I could relate to some of the insecurities felt by the character Ashley College life can be challenging and rewarding You are trying to find out who you are I felt exactly how she must have felt onthan one occasion The ending made me want to know .

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    It was a fairly good book The romance is not all that it s cracked up to be, so if that s the reason you want to read this book then don t This book has it s fair share of drama, maybe too much for a book about non paranormals or high school snobs The beginning, I have to say, does drag you in My advice, hold on until the book is over then run like heck

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    I really liked that the main characters were all in college This was a nice change because all the young adult books i have been reading take place in high school The story kept my interest until the end I still wanted to know a littleabout Natalie by the end.

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    I was so excited when I won this book on Goodreads giveaways This was a very quick read that kept my attention However,I was very disappointed that it ended so abruptly I found that the story was all over the place and in the end didn t make any sense.

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    liked the story but there needed to be a littledevelopment with Ashley s character being biracial I also thought the writing was nice, except I wanted to seedrama, andfriction between the characters The romance scenes were done nicely, but I personally wanted to seeheat.

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    I was pleased to get this book as a goodreads giveaway It was a very quick read, and had me gripped at the beggining However the ending came too quickly, and did not wrap up the story very well.

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    The book was easy to read maybe a bit dis jointed and a little too much drama I did enjoy it though.

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