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Bigfoot Sommelier Butt Tasting Nick is the most girl crazy dude in his frat, but when him and the bros head up to Napa Valley for a quiet weekend, Nick quickly realizes that his chances of scoring a chick are next to nothing Nick s disappointment soon turns into a powerful, gay attraction however, when he meets a dashing bigfoot sommelier, Torbo Gulgot, who invites him back for an after hours sampling Little does Nick realize, it s not the wine that Torbo will be tasting, it s Nick s hot bro ass This erotic tale is , words of sizzling human on gay bigfoot action, including anal, cream pies, rimjobs, blowjobs, rough sex, and bigfoot butt tasting

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    HAPPY VALENTINE S DAYHello Says the bigfoot How d you like a taste, sir this book is just as hot as any other book by chuck tingle which either means superscalding or not at all, depending on where you stand on the relative sexxiness of first time same sex erotic encounters between men and beasts in this case, the genital on genital action sweet lasting romance blossoms between a

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    Bigfoot Sommelier Butt Tastingor as I affectionately call this in my head, How a Straight Bro Ends Up Being Rimmed to Within an Inch of His Life and Riding the Bigfoot Disco Stick Chucky Chuck ChuckWineBigfootRimming Thought I was going to show two hot dudes, spread eagle and tongue deep in the nalgas, salivating betwixt asscheeks There s tumblr for that Nick is a straight bro Hella st

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    Why do I keep reading these Oh, I remember It s classic lines like Have you ever considered being the one who is tasted It could have something to do with The Tingle s uncanny ability to make creature porn sound at least kinda hot, mostly amusing though.In this tingler Nick gets dragged to the wine country for a bro s wine tasting weekend Nick is displeased about the meager poontang offerin

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    See this review s not gay, but dude s love at first sight for bigfoot is commendable See this review s not gay, but dude s love at first sight for bigfoot is commendable

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    LOL stumbled on this and it is golden.

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    I m not sure I have adequate words to describe the reading experience with this story It didn t quite pan out the way I thought it might Not sure how I feel about the ending.

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    I am determined to make my way through all those tinglers i got from humble bundle at last.

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