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Betrayal Alexis returns to her family after being abducted by the powerful Moretti s She s much confident now that she s learning to embrace her role as the long awaited Sonnast She stumbles upon evidence that Francine is acting upon her threat to wage war When she returns to school, a handsome new teacher takes an unusual interest in her She believes he s hiding something because there appears to be a link between the pending war and the teacher s secret Alexis has decided between the two guys that she loves, but the other one isn t ready to give up so easily He s determined to win her over at any cost, even if he must risk his life When Alexis finally reunites with her birth parents, she discovers a heavily guarded secret about herself which is connected to a deadly curse Once again her entire world is turned upside down She s been misled and betrayed, but she won t take it sitting down She s going to fight for what s hers despite the obstacles or the consequences Can t wait to finish this series Good Nothing special for me I dont really like the vampire ones This was ok though, easy to read But I cant givethan3 stars. review to come Not as good as the first book This one was filled with teenage angst, but I understand why it was necessary Hopefully the next one will getexciting.

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