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Aussi quand tu partis, Yvonne, j allai Oaxaca Pas de plus triste mot Te dirai je, Yvonne, le terrible voyage travers le d sert, dans le chemin de fer voie troite, sur le chevalet de torture d une banquette de troisi me classe, l enfant dont nous avons sauv la vie, sa m re et moi, en lui frottant le ventre de la tequila de ma bouteille, ou comment, m en allant dans ma chambre en l h tel o nous f mes heureux, le bruit d gorgement en bas dans la cuisine me chassa dans l blouissement de la rue, et plus tard, cette nuit l , le vautour accroupi dans la cuvette du lavabo Horreur la mesure de nerfs de g ant Au-dessous du volcan

About the Author: Malcolm Lowry

Malcolm Lowry was a British novelist and poet whose masterpiece Under the Volcano is widely hailed as one of the greatest novels of the twentieth century Born near Liverpool, England, Lowry grew up in a prominent, wealthy family and chafed under the expectations placed upon him by parents and boarding school He wrote passionately on the themes of exile and despair, and his own wanderlust and erratic lifestyle made him an icon to later generations of writers Lowry died in a rented cottage in the village of Ripe, Sussex, where he was living with wife Margerie after having returned to England in the summer of 1955, ill and impoverished The coroner s verdict was death by misadventure, and the causes of death given as inhalation of stomach contents, barbiturate poisoning, and excessive consumption of alcohol.It has been suggested that his death was a suicide Inconsistencies in the accounts given by his wife at various times about what happened at the night of his death have also given rise to suspicions of murder.Lowry is buried in the churchyard of St John the Baptist in Ripe Lowry reputedly wrote his own epitaph Here lies Malcolm Lowry, late of the Bowery, whose prose was flowery, and often glowery He lived nightly, and drank daily, and died playing the ukulele, but the epitaph does not appear on his gravestone

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    Purchase a large bottle of tequila and start walking from Ernest Hemingway s house to Vladimir Nabokov s house As you re walking, take a drink for the sake of squandered love Then take one for isolation Take one drink for war, and two for peace Take one for world weariness Take one for betrayal Take a big one for fear Take a bigger one for the allure of death Take one for a chasm opened between lovers Take one for

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    Far above him a few white clouds were racing windily after a pale gibbous moon Drink all morning, they said to him, drink all day This is life Malcolm Lowry, Under the VolcanoDon t be fooled by the usual blurb on this novel telling you the story is about a British consul and his wife, his half brother and his childhood friend They are but bit players This is a novel where the main character is liquor and how liquor t

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    Literary AddictionI first read Under the Volcano in 1968 At that confused cusp in time between teen aged idealism and adult cynicism, I had travelled to Cuernavaca in pursuit of my first love whose father had moved his family there I was sure at the time, but mistakenly, in order to ensure his oldest daughter did not succumb to my inept entreaties As it turned out I discovered that I liked her familythan I liked her So

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    The Consul, an inconceivable anguish of horripilating hangover thunderclapping about his skull, and accompanied by a protective screen of demons gnattering in his ears, became aware that in the horrid event of his being observed by his neighbors it could hardly be supposed he was just sauntering down his garden with some innocent horticultural object in view Nor even that he was sauntering The Consul was almost running He was

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    A true literary masterpiece This is minimalistic in scope but brilliantly complex and multi layered in detail The exceptional prose is interspersed with flashes of stream of consciousness and eclectic, almost poetic imagery The multiple references to Conrad were interesting, almost the flip side of Heart of Darkness as Lowry describes the inevitable collapse of a man and in metaphor, civilization A true literary masterpiece This

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    A good word to describe 1947 s Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry is LANGUID This is authentic rambling it invites for some spontaneous skimming to occur, something a book must never inspire in its reader The setting is magnificent, but certainly not unalike Henry Miller with his snooze inducing masterpiece impostor Tropic of Cancer, the u A good word to describe 1947 s Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry is LANGUID This is authenti

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    The truth is that most of the best books aren t part of any movement at all Most of them don t need to be they re just trying to tell you a story But when you talk about the story of literature, you end up inventing chapters realism, modernism, gothics because that helps you organize it You give examples in each chapter, and so books that can be categorized into these movements end up over represented in the story And here we are with

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    Labyrinth of streets, wild, lush tropical vegetation impudently encroaching everywhere, seizing the garden and the residence of Consul volcanoes majestically tower over the city hiding every moment in the clouds, humidity and heat suffocating everything around Atmosphere of unspecified horror lurking in the alleys, misery hanging in the air like a premonition of impending storm Mexico, fiesta Day of the Death, 1938 And though we know the

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    If you re into stuff like this, you can read the full review.Buddhist Monk Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry Original Review, 1981 03 15 The Consul reached forward and absentmindedly managed a sip of whisky the voice might have been either of his familiars or Hullo, good morning The instant the Consul saw the thing he knew it an hallucination and he sat, quite calmly now, waiting for the object shaped like a dead man and which seemed to be

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