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Assassins Heart (Assassins Heart, #1) In The Kingdom Of Lovero, Nine Rival Families Of Assassins Lawfully Kill People For A Price As A Highly Skilled Member Of One Of These Powerful Clans, Seventeen Year Old Lea Saldana Has Always Trusted In The Strength Of Her Family Until She Awakens To Find Them Murdered And Her Home In Flames The Da Vias, The Saldanas Biggest Enemy, Must Be Responsible And Lea Should Have Seen It Coming But Her Secret Relationship With The Da Vias Son, Val, Has Clouded Her Otherwise Killer Instinct And Given The Da Vias Reason Than Ever To Take Her Family Down.Racked With Guilt And Shattered Over Val S Probable Betrayal, Lea Sets Out To Even The Score, With Her Heart Set On Retaliation And Only One Thought Clear In Her Mind Make The Da Vias Pay.

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    I REALLY liked this book Was really unique in the best of ways and such a cool high fantasy to read EDIT WAIT THIS IS A SERIES It ended up so nicely Whattttttt

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    Then his lips pressed against mine He clasped my hands I strengthened my grip around his, and for that moment everything else ceased to matter All that mattered was Les the way his beard scraped my skin and how his lips tightened in a smile against mine until he laughed and pulled away This has been an excellent j

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    Reviewed by Rabid ReadsIn a county that worships a death goddess, nine families of assassins are her chosen disciples Each family executes HA their religious duty legal assassination from their individual territory, all except the Saldana and Da Via families whose territory is shared.Unsurprisingly, these two families a

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    3.5Assassin s Heart is set in the kingdom of Lovero, where nine families of assassins kill people in the name of their goddess Safraella Clippers as they are called, are respected by the commoners because their coins at the time of death are the only way Safrella will grant resurrection into the next life If you die without

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    Super brilliant novel.I loved the Assassin s world and how it is organised I really enjoyed the use of Ghosts in this novel For some reason I got a very Return of the king vibe from the use of Ghosts, which FYI is a super good thing I can t wait to see what happens in the next novel This book was VERY fast paced, made me cry and

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    Well that was excruciatingly dull It started out SO promising and had a ton of potential, too Ugh I still want to give it 3 stars for what I kept hoping would unfold.The story starts with Lea and Val in a Romeo Juliet situation They live in this renaissance Italy type kingdom where nine Families of assassins murder people in a way tha

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    I had such high hopes for this book but I must admit, I was pretty disappointed Everything I hoped wouldn t happen happened so you could only imagine how I lost the motivation to muster the energy to finish this.The relationship in this story was compared to Romeo and Juliet but that concept was just a very tiny speck in the whole plot lin

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    FINISHED This was really good and not at all like Throne of Glass The ending threw me off a bit though, as it was quite open and left a few of my questions unanswered but it turns out that it s actually going to be a duology so I m hoping the sequel will tie up everything better Not sure how I feel about it having a sequel as on one hand I thou

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    Oh, the conflict Blur rating alert I am honestly so wrecked about how I feel about this book There were parts I really liked but at the same time there were parts I didn t You see, when I read the blurb I automatically thought this was going to be some type of The Punisher the movie remake I was expecting retaliation at its best I mean, there is not

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    This review appears on Happy Indulgence Check it out forreviews For a book about assassins, I would ve expectedassassinating Set in a fervently religious world where killing each other is normal, Assassin s Heart featuredtelling than showing.The world in Assassin s Heart made no sense to me whatsoever Built upon a world with nine families worshipping a d

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