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Arion & The Dolphin: A Libretto This enchanting libretto from the author of A Suitable Boy is published to coincide with the first performance of the opera Arion and the Dolphin music Alec Roth , commissioned by the Baylis Programme at the English National Opera in JuneRecounted with Seth s inimitable charm, it is the story of Arion, a young musician at the court of Periander in Corinth Thrown overboard on his return from a musical contest in Sicily, Arion is saved and befriended by a dolphin Written for amateurs and professionals, this is a story which will appeal to young and old

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    Instead of reading it, I sang the entire thing in my head.

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    So simple and kind.

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    Beautifully written and extremely heart breaking Even without the music to support it, I could not help being lost to its melody Vikram Seth is perhaps one of the best authors and the greatest poets of our times

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    This story teaches children about being kind to each other and helping one other message is shown in the story from the kind gestures the dolphin did for Arion, saving him from drowning and taking him back to his home village the gulf of Corinth The songs in story teach children about rhyming words and structure of how poems and songs are writ

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    Arion and the Dolphin antiquity The lie was detected, and further denial was useless.

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    This is one of the books I have picked up from my university library It was an opera, which I hadn t expected It appeared to be a play kind of book when I skimmed through the pages. It s a wonderful book I didn t read through the pages, I sang through them. I really enjoyed it.

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    This fantasy book would be a good one when talking about old greek myths and fantasy I could see this book being read aloud to a fifth or sixth grade class It has very good content but honestly it would not a book that I would have picked out from my teachers book case when I was that age The book was very educational and made me step outside of

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    This is a wonderful book for all poetry drama lovers Vikram Seth s genius reflects in another of his masterpieces Beautiful verse, tangible descriptions and lively dialogue.

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    Nothing by Vikram Seth can be mediocre This is definitely a wonderful poem imagined as an Opera But it is not accomplished as some of the other works by Seth.

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