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African Dawn African Dawnby Tony Park, the author of Red Earth,is a full throttle international thriller that will engross fans of Clive CusslerIt s darkest before the dawnThree families the Bryants, the Quilter Phippses and the Ngwenyas share a history as complex and bloody as Zimbabwe itselfDedicated conservationists Paul and Philippa Bryant are struggling to save their farm and small herd of endangered black rhinos from seizure by corrupt government minister Emmerson Ngwenya Twin brothers, ex soldier Braedan and environmentalist Tate Quilter Phipps join the fightBut when the brothers fall in love with the same woman, Natalie Bryant, their rivalry threatens to put the lives of all involved at risk And with Emmerson vowing to stop at nothing until he gets what he wants, a bloody showdown seems inevitableIn the broken country that is Zimbabwe, only the strongest can survive

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    this is a very disturbing book about Zimbabwe, and rhino poaching perhaps i felt itbecause i am familiar with the country and the places mentioned but i still feel a bit traumatised and i finished it yesterday its pretty violent, and the stories of both black and white Zimbabweans is heartbreaking of course there s love interest, but that too

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    Even I m disappointed in myself with this rating It probably deserved , but the fact is I could not get into it I generally thoroughly enjoy books of this genre set in Africa but because I couldn t get a good head start on it timewise, meant that when I did pick it up I had trouble remembering the cast of characters and the storyline.Perhaps I

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    African Dawn is the eighth novel by Australian author, Tony Park, and in it, he revisits the setting and characters of his third novel, African Sky Park takes three Rhodesian families, the Bryants and the Ngwenyas who will both be familiar to readers of African Sky and the Quilter Phippses, and follows them through the turbulent years from 1959

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    After being introducted to the writer Tony Park about a year ago now ive since been on a mission to locate and purchase all of his books.His writing is addictive to any reader, he has you on the edge of your seats taking you on twists and turns you never expect to come.This book is an emotional ride set in a backdrop we all want to view after re

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    I have previously enjoyed tony park s books, but really struggled with this book It took a while to get into the story with the first half jumping around a lot and very political It almost seemed he had too many different elements to the story which made it quite confusing The second half flowedeasily but the violence especially towards the rhino

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Set in Zimbabwe, African Dawn revolves around three families the Bryants, ex pat Australian Paul and his wife Pip who run a wildlife park employing local black workers, the Quilter Phippses with their twin sons Braeden, the dashing armed services hero and the quieter T

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    What a complex interweaving of three families Thank goodness Tony Park s epic tale over several generations of family, had the family tree s at the front of the book as I referred to it a couple of times Three families crossing paths again and again over the period of 40 years all in the backdrop of a changing Zimbabwe So topical now with the disma

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    If you like thrillers, and are interested in the 20c cultural history that led to the formation of native African countries like Zimbabwe and Zambia from white colonial South Africa violent and complex , and you are interested in understanding rhino conservation in the face of well financed and brutal poaching operations this is the book for you Rac

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    I loved this book, I couldn t put it down I have just returned from South Africa and have also been to Zimbabwe in 97 so could relate and really see what was happening in the story which was vividly described The action really moved along and you were kept in suspense all the way thru the book The characters were brought to life with Tony s pen and y

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    he is the second wilbur smith, love his style of writing, same as WS, he makes you want to live in a era long gone great read

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