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Adorable Little Diaper Girls Adorable Little Diaper Girls contains three stories of regression and diaper domination The first piece in this collection is Bonnie s Baby Pictures In this tale of regression, Bonnie has been having some trouble with her brother, Charlie He doesn t think she can handle the rigors of adulthood So to prove him wrong, Bonnie goes to her friend, Jared He is a photographer who might help her become a model Jared says she has potential and suggests they do a shoot But first, she ll have to sign some contracts She signs the documents without reading any of them They look serious and legitimate, but Bonnie wants to get started right awayJared takes his new model to his private studio He sends her to the dressing room along with a packet of clothes Opening the package, she finds an outfit suitable for a little girl There s a white, lacy dress with puffy sleeves and lots of bowsThen the photo session begins Jared poses her in a variety of stances With each click of his camera, he gets a fresh image of Bonnie dressed as a little girl Before she realizes what s happened, he has her strapped down to the changing table Worse, when she insists that she s not a little girl, he diapers her, then makes her wet It s not long before she is put in the high chair, forced to drink bottles, and all the while, Jared captures every moment on cameraNow Bonnie has a choice She can accept that he s turned her into his private baby doll or she can try to find some way to satisfy Jared so he ll release her from the contract, hopefully before he shows those humiliating pictures to anyone else, least of all, her older brotherFrom there, the collection continues with Babysitter Bondage After finishing her degree, Claire comes home for the summer But before she can start her career, Claire has another job to do first Her little sister is only eighteen Immature and bratty, Mia needs extensive supervision, so Claire sees herself as a glorified babysitter, but that won t last long, especially when she realizes her little sister is dating an older manDetermined to make sure they breakup, Claire confronts Mia s boyfriend Unperturbed, Trevor asks her to join him inside his home where he offers her a drink laced with sedatives Claire spills the drink, so Trevor offers to get her something else to wear At first, Claire thinks he ll offer her some sweats He has something else in mind diapersAs little Claire struggles to stay awake, Trevor makes her a promise Before long, she ll be diaper dependent, relying on her babysitter to take care of him She doesn t think it s possible, but before long, she is crawling, drinking from a bottle, and begging to be touched Using a mix of spanking and orgasm denial, Trevor helps Claire accept that she really is better off in diapersAnd when Claire s little sister, Mia, shows up to help babysit, things get really interestingBaby Time is the anthology s final story, and it starts with a bet Whoever wins gets to be in complete control for the night The loser will have to obey any order, no matter how absurd Convinced she ll win, Kelly dares her boyfriend, JosephThey play She losesNow Joseph has the chance to completely regress her First, he says that she d make an excellent preschooler He thinks she s really around four at heart, so he picks out a ruffled dress for her to wear Before Kelly knows it, she s back in diapers and forced to drink from a bottleWhen she s good, she gets to play When she s bad, she gets spanking time But no matter how she behaves, she is going to stay in diapers and on her hands and knees until her Daddy allows her to grow up That might take a very long timePublisher s Note This , word anthology contains graphic erotic content, BDSM themes, and is intended for mature audiences only These works feature extensive age play, domination, diapering, erotic hypnosis, bondage, humiliation, and power exchange scenarios

About the Author: Devon Shire

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Adorable Little Diaper Girls book, this is one of the most wanted Devon Shire author readers around the world.

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    It s been a while since I ve read Diaper Girls authors Ms Shire and her ageplay author friends write some deliciously deviant dub con to non con ageplay Most of it is the same There is nothing too new or a new twist Nor are there new ageplay humiliations if you ve read one of her stories already The characters are pretty much the s

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    This was my first book that involved age play It s a book with three stories in it and I hated it Not for the reason you re thinking I m all for people doing whatever they want together as long as its CONSENSUAL BOTH WAYS In all of these stories pretty much the girl is drugged and forced to play along I m sorry but I think that is un

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