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蒼の封印 2 彬が言った通り、自分が人の生気を食べる鬼・“蒼龍”であることを認めた蒼子。それで も、彼女は自分が人間であることを確かめようと以前住んでいた街へ。しかし、知り合い のはずの友達は蒼子のことを別人だと言う。写真を見せてもらうと、そこには全く別の顔 をした蒼子が。呆然とする彼女に、一緒についてきた彬は「本物の蒼子を食べて入れ替わ った」と言う。そこへ彬の伯父が部下を連れて現れた。容赦なく襲いかかってくる彼らを 前にして、蒼子は“蒼龍”に変身。自分が何者なのかがわかるまでは死ねないと必死に逃 げる。苦しむ蒼子を目にしてためらいつつも、彬は彼女を追う。だが、彼女の胸に弾丸が 命中してしまい…!?

About the Author: Chie Shinohara

篠原千絵 Shinohara Chie, born February 15) is an award winning Japanese manga artist best known for Red River, known in Japan as Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori: Anatolia Story She has twice received the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōjo, in 1987 for Yami no Purple Eye and in 2001 for Red River.Aside from her comics work, she has also written several prose novels She has published the six volume Big Draw Daughter Hatsu light novel series, as well as three gaiden (or side story) novels related to her Red River series All of these were illustrated by Shinohara herself.WorksAkatsuki no LionAo no Fūin (Blue Seal) 1992–94Houmonsha wa Mayonaka ni (Midnight Visitor) 1984Kioku no AshiatoKootta Natsu no Hi (Frozen Summer Day)Mizu ni Sumu Hana (Romance of Darkness) 2004Mokugekisha ni Sayounara (Farewell to the Eyewitness) 1985Nanika ga yami de mite iru (Something Watching in the Dark) 1986Ryouko no Shinreijikenbo (A Record of Ryoko's Psychic Events) 1988–91Sanninme ga Kieta (A Third Person Disappeared) 1992Soshite Gokai no Suzu ga naru (Then Five Bells Rang)Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori: Anatolia Story (Red River) 1995–2002Touboukyuukou (Runaway Express)Umi no Yami, Tsuki no Kage (Moon Shadow on a Dark Sea) 1986–91Yami no Purple Eye (Purple Eye of Darkness) 1984–87

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    A little more word heavy than volume one. The exposition could definitely have been smoother, but the story is still gripping and exciting. BOY! That's a lot of kanji though, plenty of furigana is employed so I was thankful~

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